Paskova"F" litter /28.06.2012 /

3 male & 3 female puppies

out of

BISS,CH Dober-Kopp Red Hearted x BIS, CH Paskova Apocalyptica


1 day



Paskova Field Of Dreams "Max"


1,5 months



Paskova Fly With The Wind " Edi"

Owner: Elena Todorova/ BG

9 months

1,5 months


Paskova Follow Your Heart

Owner: Dony Vasileva/ Sf

4 months



Paskova Feel The Sunrise "Sunny"

Owner: Dony Vasileva/ Sf

8 months



Paskova Flames Of Love

Owner: Dony Vasileva/ Sf

 4,5 months



Paskova Fantasy Of Wealth " Bella"

Owner: Vessa Gavazova / BG


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